An ode to Italian cycle paths

Of unexpected perspectives.


Once again, a car whizzes past close to me as I think back to Italy a little wistfully. Completely unexpectedly, we encountered the most beautiful cycle paths on our trip there so far. Even if they can't hold a candle to the Austrian network in terms of length and signposting, we have fond memories of these sections.

Just a few metres after the border, the path leads us away from the road and steadily uphill through the woods into the valley. Since we turn off in the direction of Slovenia after only a few kilometres, just this little foretaste remains for the time being. A few days later, in Trieste, we are allowed to ride another piece of it again.

In the middle of the city, the navigation system leads us down a ramp onto an old railway line that has been converted into a cycle path. In gentle curves we ride over viaducts and through former railway tunnels, again in the direction of Slovenia. As soon as we leave the city, a rugged landscape opens up that literally urges us to let the drone fly.

We enjoy the ride to the fullest and are surprised to have stumbled upon this jewel of a cycle path in a big city of all places.

I am abruptly jolted out of my thoughts when a truck passes me with a loud roar. We knew we wouldn't be able to enjoy every road on our journey. But who knows, maybe another little piece of paradise is waiting for us after the next turn...